söndag 27 februari 2011

Historia enligt Glory B

Här kan vi läsa vad Glory B (född och uppvuxen jude, nu dock kristen) anser judarna är skyldiga till:

"Jewry is really the scourge of the world.

Consider what the world would have been like if there had been no Jews.

If there had been no Jews, in the last 400 years alone, there would have been…

No French Revolution,

No negro slaves in America,

No American Civil War,

No Armenian Genocide (in which nearly all of the 2 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were murdered in 1915-23, instigated by Jews),

No Russian Revolution,

No Chinese Communist Revolution (35 million killed/starved in “The Great Leap Forward”),

No World War I,

No World War II,

No Communist Soviet Union Genocide (85+ million Whites murdered by Jews),

No Holodomor (in which 4 million to 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Communist Jews),

No murder and killing of upwards of 150 million of the best young men of the White race in the last century alone,

No Cold War,

No Korean War,

No Vietnam War,

No “NATO” bombing of Serbia,

No Iraq War,

No future Syrian or Iran War,

No Communism anywhere,

No current Islam threat to or invasion of the West,

No significant “Terrorism” at all,

No industry/job outsourcing and impoverishment of America,

No destruction of Europe, our White homeland for the last 40,000 years,

No destruction of White Western Civilization,

No new China threat,

No global capitalism,

No New World Order,

No declining world-wide White population,

No flooding of White nations by non-whites,

No world-wide extermination of the White race.

What new horrors are Jews planning? Stay tuned."

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