måndag 29 augusti 2011

Broder Nathanael: om läget i västs kyrkor

Nedan kan vi läsa en kommentar som Broder Nathanael postade igår på Incogmans blogg till en viss Luke:

You’ve got to realize that I am NOT with the Jew-infiltrated Roman Church BUT with the JEW-WISE Russian Orthodox Church.
Believe me when I tell you that the Russian Orthodox Church (I am with ROCOR which is the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia ESTABLISHED by the White Russians when FLEEING the Jew Bolsheviks) is ON TO THE JEWS and know VERY WELL who murdered 60 million Orthodox Christians during the Jew Bolshevik Revolution as well as the Imperial Family. (I have done many articles and a Vid on this as well.)
There are NO “crypto Jews” in the Russian Orthodox Church and MANY parishioners, priests, and Bishops in my Church LOVE my Website and Videos and some support me financially as well.
They know that at my Baptism (where I was give the Orthodox Christian name “Nathanael” and now “Brother” since I am a monastic) I REPUDIATED “Satan and all of his works” which INCLUDED my VERBAL Repudiation of Judaism and Jewry’s organized agenda: AT MY BAPTISM!
+Brother Nathanael Kapner

BN skrevs i kommentaren omedelbart efteråt att:

...the traditional Russian, Serbian, Balkan, and Greek Orthodox Churches ... have NOT allowed Jew ideas and influence to infiltrate the mind of the Church.
Again, the traditional Russian Orthodox Church of which I am a member in good standing IS indeed JEW-WISE!

Enligt BN så är vår västliga kyrka, den katolska samt den protestantiska, nu i mångt och mycket kontrollerad av judar. Att så är fallet är uppenbart för alla kristna att se, eftersom man i våra kyrkor nu alltmer FÖRSVARAR dödsynder som sodomi och homosexualitet ... och EJ TAR AVSTÅND från omoraliskt leverne!

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