måndag 7 november 2011

Orsaken till den Ryska revolutionen

Orsaken till den ryska revolutionen hittar vi här:

"It would be logical to suppose that this Socialist society was built on the confiscated fortune of the
late Czar Nicholas II, but this is not the case. In 1913, the Czar was undoubtedly the richest man in
the world, with a personal fortune amounting to some thirty billion dollars in 1913 dollars. He
personally owned 150,000,000 acres of land, and had some 30,000 servants, 500 automobiles in his
personal fleet, 6,000 horses, 2 yachts, a personal gold reserve of one billion dollars in the Imperial
Bank, with five hundred million dollars worth of jewels, including the $200,000 Great Mogul
diamond, a Crown valued at $75 million and 32,000 diamonds. He controlled one-sixth of the
surface of the entire globe. On the night of November 6, 1917, at 2:00 a.m., Red Guards drove a
truck to the Imperial Bank and removed all of the Romanoff gold and jewels. Much of the gold was
later shipped directly to Kuhn, Loeb Co. in New York. We may recall that the senior partner of
Kuhn, Loeb Co., Jacob Schiff, had put up some $20 million of his own funds to finance the
Revolution. Apparently it was a good investment. Victor Hammer fenced many of the Crown jewels
to collectors in Europe and the United States.
The Dowager Empress Maria escaped with the considerable jewels in her personal collection. Both
King George V and King Christian of Denmark repeatedly tried to get her to "entrust" her jewels to
them for "safekeeping" or at least for" appraisal." She steadfastly refused, knowing that she
probably would never see them again. When she died in 1928, special agents seized the jewels and
immediately whisked them to Buckingham Palace. Her more important pieces later were seen in
Queen Mary's personal collection.
After the Revolution of 1905, the Czar had prudently prepared for further outbreaks by transferring
some $400 million in cash to the New York banks, Chase, National City, Guaranty Trust, J. P.
Morgan Co., and Hanover Trust. In 1914, these same banks bought the controlling number of shares
in the newly organized Federal Reserve Bank of New York, paying for the stock with the Czar's
sequestered funds. Thus the Romanoff family actually owns the controlling interest in the Federal
Reserve Banks today!
Other deposits of the Czar included $35-50 million in the Bank of England, $25 million in
Barclay's, $30 million in Lloyd's Bank, $100 million in the Bank of France, $80 million in the
Rothschild Bank in Paris, and $132 million in the Mendelssohn Bank in Berlin. Since 1917, a cloud
has hung over the financial structure of the Western democracies, threatening their jerrybuilt
financial structure, the fear that some court somewhere, might eventually rule that the Czar's funds
must be turned over to the rightful heirs. This would affect not only the ownership of the Federal
Reserve Bank stock, but, with payment of interest, would mean the end of our ten largest financial
institutions. Does anyone wonder why the United States government, which is under the total
direction of the Big Ten Banks, continually makes every effort to finance and feed the crumbling
Soviet empire? Can anyone predict the financial calamity which would ensue if the Romanoffs were
restored to the throne of Russia, and asked for their money back, or if they got a court ruling
anywhere in the world to that effect?"

Det ovan skrivna är taget från Eustace Mullins The Curse of Canaan, och vi får där läsa vad det var som fick de amerikanska bankmonstren att vilja sponsra revolutionärerna med 20 miljoner dollar --- en sponsring som fick en minst sagt extraordinär avkastning när man rövade bort allt som den fromme Tsar Nicholaj II ägde och förvaltade å det ryska folkets vägnar. Att man sedan lyckades lägga det kristna Ryssland i ruiner och fick mördat bortåt HUNDRA MILJONER kristna ryssar och andra slaver gjorde ju inte precis det hela mindre angenämt. Mullins kallar f.ö. hela Ryssland under kommunisttiden för ett enda gigantiskt koncentrationsläger.

söndag 6 november 2011

Cromwells förräderi

Nedan så finner vi ett utdrag ur Eustace Mullins "The curse of Canaan" där vi får veta hur och varför Oliver Cromwell förådde sitt eget land och sin egen kung, Charles I, för sin egen vinnings skull, något som resulterade i kungens död och sedermera till upprättandet av den engelska centralbanken 1694:

""The importation of Calvinism into England was calculated to drive a wedge between the Church
and State. The traditional Church of England had as its titular head the King. Calvinism's
divisive propaganda led to the triumph of Cromwell and the replacement of the Kings of the
Stuart line by the House of Orange-Nassau. The first victim of this purge was King Charles I,
who was beheaded by the conspirators. Details of the plot were published centuries later in Lord
Alfred Douglas' publication "Plain English," September 3, 1921 : "L. D. Van Valckert came into
possession of the missing volumes of the records of the Synagogue of Mulheim, lost since the
Napoleonic Wars, which were written in German. These records have the entry, June 6, 1647,
from O. C. to Ebenezer Pratt, 'In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to
England; this, however, impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without
trial, adequate grounds for which at present do not exist. Therefore, advise that Charles be
assassinated, but will have nothing to do with procuring an assassin, though willing to help in
his escape.' The reply came from Pratt July 12, 1647, 'Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles
removed, and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles should be given an
opportunity to escape. His recapture will then make trial and execution possible. The support
will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.'""

tisdag 1 november 2011

Luthers varning

Martin Luther: Since I have been around awhile and have preached to you and, [since], I may die soon and not be able to preach to you [any longer], I will bless you with this. I have prayed that you remain diligently in the Word, which your preacher and pastor are teaching you truly by the grace of God and making you accustomed to the prayer that God would protect you from all the wise and clever that despise the doctrine of the Gospel; for they often did much harm and yet might do much more.
Worse than these, you have the Jews yet in the land, who do great harm. We want to deal with them in a Christian manner now. Offer them the Christian faith that they would accept the Messiah, who is even their cousin and has been born of their flesh and blood; and is rightly Abraham’s Seed, of which they boast. Even so, I am concerned [that] Jewish blood may no longer become watery and wild.
First of all, you should propose to them that they be converted to the Messiah and allow themselves to be baptized, that one may see that this is a serious matter to them. If not, then we would not permit them [to live among us], for Christ commands us to be baptized and believe in Him, Even though we cannot now believe so strongly as we should, God is still patient with us.
Now, here is what the Jews do: daily they only blaspheme and dishonor our Lord Jesus Christ. Since they do this and we know it, we should not permit it. Should I permit anyone to be with me, who dishonors, blasphemes, and curses my Lord Christ, I make myself a partner in another’s sins. But I have enough sins of my own. Therefore, you who are lords should not permit them [to remain with us], but drive them away. However, if they are converted, abandon their usury, and receive Christ, then we will willingly regard them our brothers. Otherwise, nothing will come out of it, for they do it to excess.
They are our public enemies. They do not stop blaspheming our Lord Christ, calling the Virgin Mary a whore, Christ, a bastard, and us changelings or “meal calves” (Mahlkälber). If they could kill us all, they would gladly do it. They do it often, especially those who pose as physcians—though sometimes they help—for the devil helps to finish it in the end. They can also practice medicine as in French Switzerland. They administer poison to someone from which he could die in an hour, a month, a year, ten or twenty years. They are able to practice this art. Therefore, do not be involved with them as with those who do nothing else among you than heinously blaspheme our dear Lord Jesus Christ and deprive us of body, life, honor, and goods.
Yet, we will show them Christian love and pray for them that they may be converted to receive the Lord, whom they should honor properly before us. Whoever will not do this is no doubt a malicious Jew, who will not stop blaspheming Christ, draining you dry, and, if he can, killing [you].
Therefore, I beg that you do not make yourselves partners in another’s sin. You have enough to do to pray to God that he would be gracious to you and preserve your rule as I still pray daily and hide myself under the protection of the Son of God, whom I hold and honor as my Lord. To Him I must run and flee if the devil, sin, or other misfortune afflict me, for He is my protection as far as heaven and earth extend, and my mother hen, under whom I crawl before the wrath of God. Therefore I can have no fellowship or patience with the obstinate blasphemers and defamers of this dear Savior.
As a native [of Eisleben] I have wanted to say this to you as a final warning, that you do not become partners in another’s sins, for I intend it well and truly to both the lords and subjects. If the Jews would be converted and stop their blaspheming and whatever else they have done to us, then we will gladly forgive them. If not, then we should not tolerate or permit them to be with us (Original German text found in Weimar Ausgabe 51, 194-196).