torsdag 26 april 2012

Det Kristna Bysans

Under står att läsa en oerhört intressant beskrivning av hur det kristna Bysans fungerade. Texten är hämtad från den andra halvan av Broder Nathanaels senaste artikel. Lade bara upp halva artikeln här. Inledningen finns att läsa på BN:s hemsida.
CHRISTIAN BYZANTIUM extended from the Balkans to Western Europe during the 4th through 15th Centuries AD. Thus, the Byzantine Empire, (not taught, of course, in Jew-run Public Schools and Colleges), was known to its inhabitants as “Rhomania” because Constantine the Great, Byzantium’s first Emperor from 306 to 337 AD, established the empire’s center in Constantinople as the “New Rome.” In addition to being a Christian civilization in which the Church worked in “symphony” with the State, (as today in Putin’s Russia), Byzantium had one further characteristic, namely, its claim to be the direct continuation of the Roman Empire, a claim maintained until its fall in 1453 at the hands of Muslim invaders. One essential feature of the Byzantine Empire was its policy toward the Jews. This policy was codified by Emperor Justinian in the 6th Century AD, popularly known as, “The Code of Justinian.” JUSTINIAN’S CODE FORBADE Jews from holding civil office and teaching positions. Even part of the Orthodox Church’s “canon law” prohibited its members from seeking out “remedies” from Jewish physicians. Compiling various laws regarding the Jews that were established before him into a legal codification, Justinian forbade Jews:
+ To engage in proselytism; + To marry Orthodox Christian women; + To possess Orthodox Christian servants; + To hold office or honors in the Roman state; + To build new synagogues; + To read the Old Testament in Hebrew but rather in Greek which did not cut out the prophecies that pointed to Jesus Christ; + To use Judaic interpretations of the Old Testament; + To bear witness in court against an Orthodox Christian; + To hold teaching positions in Roman schools or as private tutors.
The culmination of Justinian’s “Codex” was the denial of Roman citizenship to the Jews and relegating them to the rank of second class citizens.
In spite of Jewry calling Justinian an “anti-Semite,” the Orthodox Church not only honors him as a great Emperor but also as a great saint. THE SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH PROBLEM is for Europe to return to its Christian roots—the historical Church—in which the “evangelical” error that posits the Jew as “chosen” and having some “special” role to play has no place. Neo-paganism and idyllic myths that salivate over Indo-European “gods” promoted by White-Identity Websites will only provide the Jew with yet another stepping stone to greater hegemony over the political affairs of European society. Wagner (a profound master) and his operas indeed are milestones in the evolution of classical music. But to elevate Wagner’s Nordic Wodens and Fricas to realms of some new European “reformation” is not only laughable but historically shallow. “Europe Is The Church and The Church Is Europe!” said the great 20th Century historian, Hilaire Belloc. It is via the historical Church, and ONLY the historical Church, that the Jewish siege of Europe can be opposed, dismantled, and ultimately destroyed.
Som vi nu inser, efter att ha läst det ovan skrivna, så är Kristendomen av största vikt för vårt välbefinnande. Vi inser även att det som nu sker i Ryssland, där Putin återkristnar sitt hemland, även måste ske här hos oss i väst snarast möjligt.

onsdag 25 april 2012

Vikten av att återupprätta kyrkan

BN:s hemsida så kan man som bekant läsa många högintressanta kommentarer. Marina är en som ofta skriver om situationen i Ryssland och dess grannländer, något som alltid är läsvärt. Från senaste artikeln av BN hittar vi dessa båda kommentarer av just nämnda person, Marina:
The best way for people in the West to undermine the Jewish power and influence is to re-embrace Christianity. Of course, it is not easy to force yourself to believe in something if you have been a non-observant person, like it is the case with many people in the West. But the issue at the moment is not faith as such. For many people faith is something that needs time to develop. Those people who don’t have strong faith should at least show their solidarity with and support for Christianity. That’s the best way to start. For 70 years Soviet Union was an atheistic country. The Church was almost non-existent and it was impossible to be openly religious. Most people had hardly any contact with religion. Churches, with a few exceptions, were museums. Yet, the Christian religion in Russia has made an incredible comeback. Today even members of Russian Communist Party are religious. The religious renaissance in Russia is so strong that it really worries the so-called liberals most of whom happen to be Jews. Their main worry is Putin who, needless to say, is an observant Christian and does not hide it. More than that, Putin supports massive church construction all over Russia. So far, 23 thousand (23,000) churches have been rebuilt, renovated, or built, but Putin plans to build more. See: 200 churches are being built in Moscow alone. In partly Muslim Tatarstan there is a very large number of rebuilt and newly-built churches. See: The Jewish element in Russia is not as strong as in the West. Moreover, the Jews have to be careful because they know all too well that Russians know all too well who the Bolsheviks were and who was involved in the murder of the Tsar and his family. Still, even in Russia, Jews have been trying to contaminate the society with decadent ideas. They have not been very successful, though. They tried to attract a certain number of people to their cause but the whole project backfired very badly. The liberal - predominantly Jewish - element encourages all kinds of anti-religious activities. Not so long ago there was a series of attacks against the Church - they included blasphemous activities inside churches or even vandalism. In a few cases the perpetrators were so-called feminists. In other cases they may have been either drug-addicts or other misfits. The feminists are now under arrest awaiting trial. The events were followed by debates on TV. It was amazing how in one debate Mr Aleksandr Prokhanov called Svanidze (a Jew) and his team (most of them Jews): you are a tribe of thieves, sell-outs and liars. He did not call them “Jews” but it was obvious to everyone who he had on his mind. Last Sunday there was a great event. All over Russia there were large protests against blasphemy and church vandalism. In front of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral alone there were 65 thousand people in support of Christianity.
I en kommentar omedelbart därefter säger Marina:
An overwhelming majority of Russians were very religious. The only people who became flexible in religious matters were the intelligentsia and parts of the elites. The situation in pre-revolutionary Russia was not like it was in pre-revolutionary France. Some French peasants were religious, some were not. In Russia all peasants were religious. More than that, in France a patriot was a good revolutionary. In Russia, if you were a patriot, you were a counter-revolutionary. The Revolution in France was mainly a French product and so it was a national event, whereas in Russia it was a Jewish product, an international event.
Som vi själva kan läsa så är Kyrkan lösningen på alla våra problem, och detta har man insett till 100 procent i Ryssland, där man alltså nu har byggt/återuppbyggt 23000 kyrkor! Man går således åt totalt motsatt håll än vi här i väst, vilka stänger och sedan ofta river våra kyrkor. Jag börjar nu alltmer önska att Sverige tas över av ryssarna och de sedan även tar hit präster och sin kristendom, för som utvecklingen är här hos oss f.n. så är vår svenska kyrka mer eller mindre dödsdömd.
Marina lämnade strax efteråt två nya kommentarer, båda intressanta och läsvärda, och jag postar dem här. Marina:
etterling, I do not doubt that rich Jews made their contribution to the French Revolution but I am reluctant to believe that they were the only major force behind it. We have to be honest - one of the reasons why the French royal order collapsed was corruption and decadence among its elites. Why didn’t a similar disaster take place in the Habsburg Empire (later to become Austro-Hungarian Empire)? Because the Habsburg elites (at that stage of the European history) were more responsible, more devoted to the well-being of their subjects, more conservative and more committed to the Christian tradition. Decadence was afflicting the French upper classes long before the Revolution and it was spreading to the other sections of society. Rather than profess Christianity many aristocrats preferred to get involved in Grand Orient Freemasonry or other weird cults. More than that, the French elites made friendly alliances with the Ottomans which could be simply called anti-Christian alliances. The last king of France sent his military mission to train the Turks in naval warfare and fortification building. I am not defending or excusing the French Revolution. As we all know, nothing good resulted from it. And I am not trying to be anti-French. I like France, I like its culture too and particularly its unique Christian Medieval heritage. I’m only trying to show some of the factors that led to that disaster. The Jewish factor was there but it was not the only factor in this case.
My replies to Wotan’s and Hans’s comments which were in the fomer thread. Wotan, About Kaliningrad, yes, there are some conservative circles in Russia (they include military people, first and foremost) who believe that the Kaliningrad oblast could or even should be returned to the Germans. This is mentioned, on top of all that, in Основы геополитики (The Foundations of Geopolitics), which is a major textbook in the General Staff Academy of Russian Military. Is it ever going to happen? Certainly not in the near future. Why? Because the last thing that the Russians would like to see in the Kaliningrad territory are the NATO bases. Germany would have to free itself from the NATO dependence and create its own army. Hans, I can understand why Gorbatchov is popular in Germany. He initiated many changes which led to the German unification. Yes, he was a reformer and some of his changes were not only good but necessary. It must be kept in mind, however, that many changes had already been initiated by his predecessors though they were not clearly pronounced. Gorbatchov became more serious about them and more determined. Unfortunately, he mishandled the whole process. That’s why he is not popular in Russia. What do I mean by “mishandled”? For example, he made all kinds of concessions to the West but did not ask for anything in return. Germany could be the best example. He withdrew the Soviet troops from East Germany. Good. It was the right thing to do. But why did he do it without asking the Americans and others to withdraw their troops from West Germany? It was all nice and good to dismantle the Warsaw Pact but why wasn’t the whole NATO structure dismantled? His intentions and his good gestures should have been more conditional. If we had had Putin in his place, the situation would look completely different today. Most likely there would be no NATO in Germany. Today we not only have NATO in Germany but also in Poland, in Romania, in Hungary and so on. We also have NATO in the Balkans. More than that. He showed no concern for Russian minorities in the former Soviet Republics. They were all allowed to go free on no conditions whatsoever. As soon as they had their freedom, the native populations started persecuting the non-native peoples: Russians, Ukrainians and even other natives (local ethnic minorities). The reason why South Ossetians and Abkhazians are pro-Russian today and want to become part of the Russian Federation is because the Georgians were persecuting them. I would not call Gorbi exactly a Trotskist but in many ways he behaved like one. He allowed himself to be used by the ideologues of the NWO. Look at him today. He criticizes Putin and the Russian Church. His so-called Gorbatchov Foundation based in San Francisco is nothing else but an extention of the Soros mafia.

fredag 20 april 2012

Messias kom för att besegra döden

Här är Broder Nathanaels senaste video. Fantastiskt som alltid. Inkluderar även en kommentar av sign. Marina, som hon lämnade till videon på BN:s hemsida. Marina har lämnat många andra intressanta kommentarer tidigare. Det jag finner extra intressant med hennes och andra östeuropeers kommentarer är all den kunskap de har om Östeuropa, kunskap som alla däröver innehar, men som få här hos oss ens känner till en bråkdel av.
Marina : "If Europe wants to be a great civilization again, it must re-convert to Christianity. European Civilization was (and still is though in a somewhat deformed form) a Christian civilization. Sure, other cultures contributed to it. The Hellenic and Roman factors were also very important, just as Germanic, Celtic, Slavic etc. But the major and the most significant factor was Christianity. If we look at European art, music and architecture, all of them are tied up with Christianity. If we look at European institutions and laws,then again the main factor there is Christianity. Monogamy, rejection of the institution slavery etc are attitudes strongly tied up with Christianity. The global liberal elites, international Judeo-Mafia and their Saudi allies with their bases in the Anglosphere, Tel Aviv and Riyad all focus their forces on the destruction of Christianity. The Judeo-Mafia is well aware of the power which traditional Christianity possesses, and for this reason this Judeo-Mafia is getting frustrated with the current rebirth of Christianity in Russia. This rebirth is so massive, so strong and so genuine that the Judeo-Mafia is becoming more and more desperate and thus increasingly resorts to all kinds of provocative activities directed against the Russian Orthodox Church for which it uses the so-called feminists, gay activists and other low-lifes. Perhaps people on this forum heard something about a blasphemous show performed in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow by a group of young so-called feminists. It wasn’t the only blasphemous performance. The same women did the same in two other churches in Moscow. More than that, just before the Easter there were a couple of other incidents in other places in Russia. In one place holy icons were badly damaged, the image of Christ on the cross was cut several times with a knife. In another place an attempt was made to set a church on fire. The person of the Patriarch was also attacked by certain elements in the media. Fortunately, these ugly incidents are taken very seriously in Russia. There has been a lot of discussion about them on TV and in other sources and the culprits have been identified. They all come from the so-called liberal groups all of which hate Putin and all of which support globalism abd decadence of all kinds. Russian people are no fools. In countless discussions on this subject many people asked: how come there is so much attack on Christianity? Why don’t we have similar incidents in synagogues or mosques? Needles to say, a war is being waged against Christianity. In different countries it assumes different forms, of course. As far as Islam is concerned, it is true to say that Shiite Muslims have more allies among non-Muslims than Muslims. Russia, India, Brazil, even China all support Iran. Shiite Muslims are not likely to have any conflict with Christians, certainly not Iran. One of the greatest enemies of Shiite Iran is Saudi Arabia. There we are, there is our problem. Most Muslims are not Shiites, but Sunnis, and thus they are more likely to be influenced by the Saudis than by Iranians. On top of all that, Saudi Arabia has a lot of money which it invests in spreading a Salafist/Wahhabi version of Islam in all parts of the world to which many Sunnis get attracted. The problem with Sunni Muslims is that they have been playing into the hands of the global powers who are using them as their main executioners and mercenaries. It all started in Afghanistan, with the war against the Soviets and, as recent history demonstrates, it did not stop there. The global elites have been using Muslims in many places to destablize the situation there. The main victims have almost always been Christians. One of the best examples could be Chechnya. Dzhohar Dudaev whom the West often portrayed as a secular Chechen fighter was not as secular as he seemed. In the early 90s he travelled to Saudi Arabia and met there a Bosnian Haris Silajdzic and an Albanian Sali Berisha. The other two also travelled to Saudi Arabia. The situation of the non-Chechen population in Chechnya was deteriorating under Dudaev. Chechen gangs would attack Russians or Ukrainians, drive them out of their houses, rape their daughters, extort money out of them. That’s why it finally came to the 1st Chechen War. The war was a disaster. It could not have been otherwise under Yeltsin and his mostly Jewish advisors. The place became a mess. Soon it became one of the hotbeds of Islamic (Salafist) radicalism. All kinds of foreign Islamic mercenaries began to settle there and introduce a new order. The result was such that Russians and Ukrainains living 300 km away from Chechnya (in the Volgograd territory) did not feel safe in their homes. Women and girls were abducted by these mercenaries. Many disappeared for good. Boys were abducted as well and made either into Islamic warriors or slaves. Life became unbearable. Only with the coming of Putin the 2nd Chechen War the situation returned to normal. I should say here that in the early 90s there was a very intensive persecution of Russians and Ukrainians in Chechnya under Dudaev. 40 thousand civilians lost their lives. Not including soldiers in that list. What happened in the Balkans everyone should know. The war in Bosnia did not start with Serbs but with Islamic mercenaries armed by NATO and financed by Saudi Arabia. The result - a Muslim country was created where none had existed before. Then came Kosovo. Again, the result was another Muslim country, an exodus of Christian Serbs and destruction of ancient Christian churches in the area. What we see in the Middle East at the moment is very similar. The chief puppet masters are the global elites, the Judeo-Mafia, the Saudis. The puppets are Muslim mercenaries. The primary victims of the show: Christians. Look at Palestine, Irak, Egypt, Syria."