onsdag 6 april 2011


Idag fick Broder Nathanael en intressant fråga:

Richard Dihlman:

"Brother Nathaniel, could you tell me of what percentage of Torah Jews and Talmud Jews were killed in the holocaust? Thanks Rich"

Broder Nathanael:

Hi Richard - Difficult question to answer…mainly because the “myth” of “6 million” must be reduced to a much lower number.

I have many books on the HoloHoax and have not as yet really dug into a major research project on this issue.

But, looking at percentages, prior to WW II there were around 8 million Jews with 7%/8% of them being Talmudic/’Torah” Jews.

So, if around 600,000 thousand Jews died in the Holocaust, around 52,000 of them would have been Talmudic.


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