onsdag 1 juni 2011

Dagens kommentar

Kommentaren under är hämtad från Broder Nathanaels hemsida och är skriven av en viss Evanescense. Den är ett typexempel på den insikt som många av läsarna har på hemsidan i fråga. Det finns f.ö. inte så mycket, om ens något, att invända mot Evanescence inlägg.

"Nearly the entire world is now under the control of a Mafia structure that rules by force and coercion rather, than a voluntary free market of ideas and innovation.
We are past the time when the founding documents of a constitutional republic are guaranteed to protect us in a court of law.
We have been too complacent in believing that “the system” will protect us, or even make us wealthy and free.
The American Republic was designed so that government would serve the People to protect and uphold freedom and liberty.
But increasingly, our government is restricting people from their rights to engage in common sense, fundamental actions such as collecting rainwater or buying raw milk from the farmer next door.
Today, we are living under a government that has slowly siphoned off our freedoms, only to occasionally grant us back a few limited ones under the pretence that they’re doing us a benevolent favour.
Today, we’ve basically been reprogrammed to think that we need permission from the government to exercise our inalienable rights, when in fact the government is supposed to derive its power from us.
As long as people remain unaware and uninformed about important issues, the government will continue to chip away at the freedoms we enjoy.
As long as people believe their rights stem from the government (and not the other way around), they will always be enslaved.
And whatever rights and freedoms we think we still have will be quickly eroded by a system of bureaucratic power that seeks only to expand its control.
Governments could even declare that air to be somebody else’s air, and then they could charge you an “air tax” or an “air royalty” and demand you pay money for every breath that keeps you alive.
Think it couldn’t happen? Just give it time.
The government already claims it owns your land and house, effectively.
If you really think you own your home, just stop paying property taxes and see how long you still “own” it.
Your county or city will seize it and then sell it to pay off your “tax debt.”
That proves who really owns it in the first place… and it’s not you!
How about the question of who owns your body?
According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark office, U.S. corporations and universities already own 20% of your genetic code.
Your own body, they claim, is partially the property of someone else.
So if they own your land, your water and your body, how long before they claim to own your air, your mind and even your soul?!
Unless we stand up against this tyranny, it will creep upon us, day after day, until we find ourselves totally enslaved by a world of corporate-government collusion where everything of value is owned by powerful corporations — all enforced at gunpoint by local law enforcement.
The great news is that there is an underlying current of resistance that is taking the shape of a return to true productivity and self-direction, as evidenced by the food freedom movement, acts of civil disobedience that clearly show the tyranny we live under, as well as an increasing number of people who are silently withdrawing their support for the mechanisms of control.
So, declare your own independence immediately — no time remains for hope and change — we have to make it happen, each of us can personally contribute to restoring freedom in the world.
The mainstream media is part of a system that aims to keep people ignorant and unquestioning.
The enemies of truth, freedom, and justice are highly mobilized, well funded, and efficiently organized.
It is essential then, that information continues to flow from the alternative media, so that opposing viewpoints can be heard.
The global movement toward Internet censorship is troubling.
Let us be optimistic, though, because history shows that all attempts to oppress free humanity are doomed to failure.
So, we can no longer remain passive; the period of cold, creeping tyranny that legislates its way into power is over.
When oppression reaches this “hot” stage, we need more activists the likes of +Brother Nathanael, David Duke and Joe Cortina or Jessie Ventura.
The next period will be defined by how well we are able to overcome our conditioning and resist what we know in our hearts is the wrong course.
You can become active through education, spreading the word, but most importantly; Practice What You Preach.
Tyranny is no match for freedom."

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