fredag 23 september 2011

Två olika typer av sionism

Här förklarar Broder Nathanael (i en kommentar till en viss DaveE) vad sionismen är och vilka de två huvudgrenarna inom sionismen är: 

Dear DaveE -

Zionism began as a movement to repatriate Jews of Europe to a “homeland” which by WWI was designated as Palestine.

However, Zionism soon became a term amongst Gentile critics of Jewry’s agenda to designate a “geopolitical” program hiding behind the religion of Judaism and the eternal sulk of Jewish victimization.

There are today two expressed forms of “Zionism” in a narrow sense among Jews: 1) Secular Zionism (the present state of Israel) and 2) Religious Zionism (the settlers in occupied West Bank and the Neturei Karta group that protests against Jewry’s secular state.

The hypocrisy of the Neturei Karta group is that they have a presence in Jerusalem and most likely are on the dole from the secular state of Israel. I cannot prove that they receive subsidies for their hours studying “toirah” (talmud) but that is my strong hunch.

Both are equally pernicious. Secular Zionism promotes a racial entity that arrogates to itself ‘privileged status’ globally as seen in the Jewish Lobbies’ control of foreign policy in America and Europe. This ‘privileged status’ mindset is seen in its logical conclusion in The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

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Religious Zionism (whether the settlers who use the secular state of Israel or the Neturei Karta group that is against settlements of any kind throughout Israel) BOTH are Talmudists, HATE the Lord Jesus Christ, DESPISE the goyim (even though Karta makes a pretense of co-operation) and BOTH await and will welcome the ANTI CHRIST who (as they expect will happen..but will be in for a big surprise) will establish Jewry as the world conquerors over the goyim.

+Brother Nathanael

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  1. Den som vill studera sionismen och dess rötter gör det företrädesvis genom att börja med Moses Hess, en herre som kvalificerar sig för begreppet "nationell socialist", d v s nationalsocialist.
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