onsdag 22 februari 2012

En intressant kommentar

Läste följande kommentar på Broder Nathanaels hemsida idag och fann den intressant nog att posta här på bloggen. Fann f.ö. raderna om inkvisitionen i Spanien extra intressanta, då vi där får veta vad den egentligen handlade om - om det påstådda är sant, något jag tror det är. Etterlings kommentar är ett typexempel på de högintressanta kommentarer som läsare lämnar varje dag. Bäst är att läsaren själv beger sig till BN:s blogg och läser vidare.

"Dear Wotan.

It seems that we share certain suspicion on anything written about Germany.-
Throughout the bulk of the ritual literature covering German people with a black shadow of criminality that seems to have no end, it is easy to conclude that there is not a single one going beyond the surface of facts and explaining the causes of German justified resentment against Jews, but very well explained by another exceptional Jew: Benjamin Freedman.-

So, for those following a natural and logic deduction, not coming from the books, the answer would be: “Yes, the Jews brought defeat, hunger and misery to the German people, but it wasn’t right to send them to the concentration camps for gassing,” etc., and here we jump into another lie constructed upon the base of the camps existence.-

What happened in the camps, which were labour camps, and the MSM tarnishing of Hitler as a “millionaire” executioner, has been and would be a long standing matter dividing people for a long time to come.-

As a proven danger to the general welfare of the German people, Jews were rightfully denied access to public office.-

And, as a consequence of Jew World Congress declaration of war and boycott against Germany they were rightfully secluded in concentration camps, as England did with South African Boers and the USA did with the Japanese and Japanese Americans.-

As Germany needed manpower for the war effort, they were rightfully put to work, and were paid for their work, lagergeld was the currency used for canteen provision and other needs.-

As it happens in every community people dies, and in certain places they are cremated, more when lack of space or more when the cause of death is typhus.-

More to that is the fact that allied bombing prevented and ddisrupted camp´s food supply.-
As the ONU stated in 1948, total death in concentration camps were 300,000, figure comprising all origins or nationalities.-

As Michael Walsh rightfully states, lets go and check still available camp registry books to have the final number and put an end to the maligning of German people.-

To all this, it must said that being a Jew in 1933-1945 Germany was not a necessarily or sufficient reason qualifying for a concentration camp passport, prove to the fact is that 30% of German practicing physicians in 1941 were Jews with more patients allocated than Gentile MDs.-

Unsympathetic toward the Jews didn’t mean that Hitler was not a practical man who cared more for the general benefit of decisions irrespective of the Mein Kamf merits.-

Perhaps, also against the generalized, wrong and vulgar opinion profusedly and intermittently spread by MSM, in the matter of sincere conversions we must take a serious look at the Spanish Inquisition, not a Church contrivance, as it usually seems to point the ignorance, but a King’s decision in consultance with the Church, to determine in every single case, when a “new” Christian was honestly a disciple of Jesus, and not a secretly Talmudic follower.-

To that end, even members of the clergy were under scrutiny, like Fray Luis de Leon, a prominent Church figure of the times.-

Thanks to the Inquisition, as a Government Intelligence Office, Spain was able to hold together the Kingdom and the Empire, against the combined intrigues of England and unsincere “converted” Jews, for over 300 years.-

Once the French troops invaded Spain, archives and records of the Inquisition fell into freemasonry hands, so the story is told by them, and Spain fell into 100 years of civil war, anarchy and lost the empire.-"

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