fredag 20 april 2012

Messias kom för att besegra döden

Här är Broder Nathanaels senaste video. Fantastiskt som alltid. Inkluderar även en kommentar av sign. Marina, som hon lämnade till videon på BN:s hemsida. Marina har lämnat många andra intressanta kommentarer tidigare. Det jag finner extra intressant med hennes och andra östeuropeers kommentarer är all den kunskap de har om Östeuropa, kunskap som alla däröver innehar, men som få här hos oss ens känner till en bråkdel av.
Marina : "If Europe wants to be a great civilization again, it must re-convert to Christianity. European Civilization was (and still is though in a somewhat deformed form) a Christian civilization. Sure, other cultures contributed to it. The Hellenic and Roman factors were also very important, just as Germanic, Celtic, Slavic etc. But the major and the most significant factor was Christianity. If we look at European art, music and architecture, all of them are tied up with Christianity. If we look at European institutions and laws,then again the main factor there is Christianity. Monogamy, rejection of the institution slavery etc are attitudes strongly tied up with Christianity. The global liberal elites, international Judeo-Mafia and their Saudi allies with their bases in the Anglosphere, Tel Aviv and Riyad all focus their forces on the destruction of Christianity. The Judeo-Mafia is well aware of the power which traditional Christianity possesses, and for this reason this Judeo-Mafia is getting frustrated with the current rebirth of Christianity in Russia. This rebirth is so massive, so strong and so genuine that the Judeo-Mafia is becoming more and more desperate and thus increasingly resorts to all kinds of provocative activities directed against the Russian Orthodox Church for which it uses the so-called feminists, gay activists and other low-lifes. Perhaps people on this forum heard something about a blasphemous show performed in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow by a group of young so-called feminists. It wasn’t the only blasphemous performance. The same women did the same in two other churches in Moscow. More than that, just before the Easter there were a couple of other incidents in other places in Russia. In one place holy icons were badly damaged, the image of Christ on the cross was cut several times with a knife. In another place an attempt was made to set a church on fire. The person of the Patriarch was also attacked by certain elements in the media. Fortunately, these ugly incidents are taken very seriously in Russia. There has been a lot of discussion about them on TV and in other sources and the culprits have been identified. They all come from the so-called liberal groups all of which hate Putin and all of which support globalism abd decadence of all kinds. Russian people are no fools. In countless discussions on this subject many people asked: how come there is so much attack on Christianity? Why don’t we have similar incidents in synagogues or mosques? Needles to say, a war is being waged against Christianity. In different countries it assumes different forms, of course. As far as Islam is concerned, it is true to say that Shiite Muslims have more allies among non-Muslims than Muslims. Russia, India, Brazil, even China all support Iran. Shiite Muslims are not likely to have any conflict with Christians, certainly not Iran. One of the greatest enemies of Shiite Iran is Saudi Arabia. There we are, there is our problem. Most Muslims are not Shiites, but Sunnis, and thus they are more likely to be influenced by the Saudis than by Iranians. On top of all that, Saudi Arabia has a lot of money which it invests in spreading a Salafist/Wahhabi version of Islam in all parts of the world to which many Sunnis get attracted. The problem with Sunni Muslims is that they have been playing into the hands of the global powers who are using them as their main executioners and mercenaries. It all started in Afghanistan, with the war against the Soviets and, as recent history demonstrates, it did not stop there. The global elites have been using Muslims in many places to destablize the situation there. The main victims have almost always been Christians. One of the best examples could be Chechnya. Dzhohar Dudaev whom the West often portrayed as a secular Chechen fighter was not as secular as he seemed. In the early 90s he travelled to Saudi Arabia and met there a Bosnian Haris Silajdzic and an Albanian Sali Berisha. The other two also travelled to Saudi Arabia. The situation of the non-Chechen population in Chechnya was deteriorating under Dudaev. Chechen gangs would attack Russians or Ukrainians, drive them out of their houses, rape their daughters, extort money out of them. That’s why it finally came to the 1st Chechen War. The war was a disaster. It could not have been otherwise under Yeltsin and his mostly Jewish advisors. The place became a mess. Soon it became one of the hotbeds of Islamic (Salafist) radicalism. All kinds of foreign Islamic mercenaries began to settle there and introduce a new order. The result was such that Russians and Ukrainains living 300 km away from Chechnya (in the Volgograd territory) did not feel safe in their homes. Women and girls were abducted by these mercenaries. Many disappeared for good. Boys were abducted as well and made either into Islamic warriors or slaves. Life became unbearable. Only with the coming of Putin the 2nd Chechen War the situation returned to normal. I should say here that in the early 90s there was a very intensive persecution of Russians and Ukrainians in Chechnya under Dudaev. 40 thousand civilians lost their lives. Not including soldiers in that list. What happened in the Balkans everyone should know. The war in Bosnia did not start with Serbs but with Islamic mercenaries armed by NATO and financed by Saudi Arabia. The result - a Muslim country was created where none had existed before. Then came Kosovo. Again, the result was another Muslim country, an exodus of Christian Serbs and destruction of ancient Christian churches in the area. What we see in the Middle East at the moment is very similar. The chief puppet masters are the global elites, the Judeo-Mafia, the Saudis. The puppets are Muslim mercenaries. The primary victims of the show: Christians. Look at Palestine, Irak, Egypt, Syria."

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