lördag 11 december 2010

Broder Nathanael förklarar läget

Om man vill veta vad som pågår här i världen idag så finns det nog ingen bättre websida än Broder Nathanaels Real Zionist News. Blir slagen av häpnad mer eller mindre dagligen av det som där står att läsa, men som jag tidigare skrivit här på bloggen så är det inte huvudsakligen artiklarna som är av vikt, utan kommentarerna!, inte minst Broder Nathanaels egna; för där kommer alltid oss en massa annan högexplosiv information till del, som dessutom ofta backas upp med mängder av länkar. Idag tänkte jag dock posta Broder Nathanaels egen kommentar till det senaste inlägget hans:

Broder Nathanael:

Dear Real Zionist News Family,

It has been bitter cold here in NYC but I still go out being fairly immune to the cold.

I have been deeply troubled this Street Evangelism Trip to see the “cattle” going to their slaughter in Chertoff’s Jew-Scan Machines at TSA lines in spite of all the “uproar” about it and seeing the dissolute appearances of the “masses” at Times Square.

This evening at Times Square I tried something different.

I decided that I was going to make a very focused eye contact with the pedestrians to see if I could bring some life out of these zombies.

Many people seeing my focused eyes turned their heads and would not allow any eye contact whatsoever.

Others when making eye contact along with me started laughing in embarrassment as if I had discovered something in their souls.

But a few who DID make eye contact seemed to awake from the dead and their faces lit up a bit.

Then the “Jezebels” came our of the woodwork.

One woman started telling me that what I was doing on the Street was “so very wrong.”

I then said louder the Jesus Prayer which I say to myself while out on the Street: “Lord Jesus Christ Son of God Have Mercy On Me,” very loud directed to her while she had to stop at the red light at the median strip before continue across the Street.

She started to get very nervous and as soon as the light changed to green she popped her middle finger at me.

Than another Jezebel came out of the woodwork and as she crossed the street started shaking her head “NO” at me and at the Cross.

This infuriated me. After she finally crossed the street to the other side, I let her walk a bit, then (I run very fast) I appeared in front of her, made the sign of the Cross over her, and said, “Don’t you dare shake your head “no” in front of the Cross.” She was shocked that I suddenly appeared in front of her to rebuke her.

Then some 18 year olds, boys, started mocking saying in a Southern accent, “Praise The Lord.”

I again brought the Cross in front of their eyes and started making the sign of the Cross over them and they looked like they wanted to crawl into a corner in shame.

All in all, even though it was bitter cold, the Holy Cross TRIUMPHED with many New Yorkers saying, “God Bless You!”

And indeed, we must depend upon God’s Blessing on our lives because many changes are about to take place in America.

We are headed for a deep financial crisis.

The dollar is collapsing, our manufacturing is gone, and more irresponsible SPENDING programs are being and about to be passed by the JEW-CONTROLLED Congress who could care less about the white middle class American.

The dollar as the world reserve currency is in trouble. China and the Petroleum nations are now planning to fully dump it.

This will mean higher food and oil prices.

There will be riots in the streets, (even incited by plain clothes military intelligence agents) and martial law will be declared.

A de facto military takeover of our nation will then occur.

We MUST prepare for a “new American order” to take place where the military will be in control and no longer the Jews.

That ridding of the Jews from power will take time but it will happen.

I will be outlining all of this in the next carefully-researched Video this weekend.

This site and The Brother Nathanael Foundation will be “protected” since we are involved in EXPOSING THE JEWS and the military officer Corp will welcome this.

I have prayed and thought about all of this very deeply and thoughtfully.

My Street Evangelism will ALSO continue sine the military elite see this as very important to bring people back to social consciousness that is wholesome and beneficial.

I am CONFIDENT that all that we are doing here WILL PROSPER even though the prosperity of America is about to bottom out.

Jews are sending all their money to China, India, and precious metals.

BUT - their money will NOT save them from a new Hitler arising out of a military take over.

AND - the Jews WILL continue to be EXPOSED on this site, these Videos, and ALL of the activities of The Brother Nathanael Foundation.

Please Consider Making A Donation For The FUTURE of OUR Work!

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