torsdag 4 november 2010


Att atombomber kommer att användas framöver råder det inget tvivel om, då satanisterna som styr har detta inplanerat. Texe Marrs skriver om saken:

One of the greatest secrets of the Illuminati can now be revealed. The Satanists who form the inner circle of Illuminism literally worship and revere the atomic bomb and nuclear power.

To these evil, insane, cabalistic Jewish psychopaths, the Bomb represents their "God." This is the deity whom the prophet Daniel, in the Holy Scriptures, identifies as the "God of Forces."

This "God" is thought to be an energy force of nature. To his obedient disciples, the God of Forces bequeaths his divine Luciferian current. By using this supernatural energy current, the Masonic potentates of the Jewish-led Illuminati believe they will destroy their enemies and establish the final kingdom on planet earth.

That kingdom, they are confident, will be a Jewish Utopia overseen by a Jewish Messiah, a divine new King of Israel. In such a Kingdom—a Big Brother police state and New World Order—Gentiles everywhere will serve their masters, Talmudic Jews. Either that, or they will be beheaded and terminated.

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Enligt Marrs så handlade attackerna på Japan 1945 om ockulta riter där människor offrades till satan:

"Little Boy" was the nickname given to the first atomic bomb which was dropped by the U.S. Air Force on Hiroshima, Japan, August 6, 1945. The illuminist creators of the bomb conceived of the carnage as a Satanic ritual of human sacrifice, and believed that the nuclear explosion and fission process would create a supernatural entity, a homonunclus, a type of Golem. Thus would be born the antichrist man-child to inaugurate the New Age and New World Order.

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