söndag 7 november 2010

Putin är fruktad!

Vladimir Putin är fruktad av sionisterna, inte minst pga att han är en djupt troende kristen ledare. Eliten fruktar inget mer i denna värld är starka kristna ledare. Putin ser själv på Ryssland som kristendomens försvarare, och Moskva är ju sedan urminnes tid känt som "det tredje Rom." I bilden ser vi Putin i stilla bön vid Jordanflodens strand (från ett besök i Jordanien 2007).

Broder Nathanael:

Do you really think that the Russian soul of all those Russian Orthodox Christians who were MASSACRED by Jews is going to hide in a corner for fear of the Jews?

Russians do NOT fear Jews like weak Westerners do.

That’s why Putin is FEARED by Jews and they demonize this RIGHTEOUS Ortohodox Christian who has ‘MISSION POSSIBLE’ in his eyes.

That’s why Putin put the JEW Khordorkovsky in jail who was funded by the Rothschilds to oppose Putin’s political ambitions. AND HE AIN’T GETTING OUT!

That’s why Putin TOOK OVER the press and the media from the Jews AND STOPPED THEIR “SIMPSONS” and their “SOUTH PARK” degeneracy from EVER BEING VIEWED by Russian youth.

Putin will NOT alllow the Jews to get their corrupting fangs into the souls of his Russian youth.

Putin and those like him do NOT need to post on the Internet to show their colours.


Russians, don’t you realize, have an innate antipathy for Jews?

Your demand that they go on the internet and announce their aversion to Jews and their FULL understanding of the Jew-engineered massacres of their own people is not rooted in “real world” reality.

Russians are NOT in a “virtual” world.

They act, they write, they speak in the REAL WORLD whether through BOOKS or POLITICAL and CULTURAL **ACTIONS** like the master of real politik, Vladimir Putin.

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