söndag 7 november 2010

Broder Nathanael: om den ryskortodoxa kyrkan

Broder Nathanael:

No Russian Orthodox Church looks upon Jews as “God’s Holy People."

First of all, the Orthodox Church teaches that God’s Holy People is the “Israel of God,” that is, THE CHURCH.

Secondly, the Russian Orthodox Church is WELL AWARE who the Bolsheviks were and who MURDERED 50 million Orthodox Christians, JEWS.

A close Russian Priest friend of mine whom I often go to for confession told me that his father fought with the White Russians and taught him as a child to BEWARE of the Jews as haters and destroyers of the Church and all that is good for a healthy society.

My Church in NYC — the headquarters of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) which I attend regularly when I go on my Street Evangelism tours in Manhattan — is very knowledgeable of the Jew-threat and I talk with MANY there about it.

Many of them READ Real Zionist News regularly…

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