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Wallace tar till orda

På Broder Nathanaels hemsida slås jag --- och tusentals andra läsare världen över --- med häpnad varje dag, inte bara av fromme och djupt insiktsfulle Broder Nathanaels artiklar och videos, utan lika ofta av de kommentarer som lämnas av hans läsare, som den här av en viss Wallace:

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I just noticed your queries.
I don’t know if I would claim to be ‘authoritative’… but I have been looking into these things for some years now.
“Illuminati Financed Hitler.”
This is a popular line that is absolute nonsense. Before Hitler came to power Germany was borrowing money from the usual suspects while at the same time paying ridiculously huge reparations for all the costs of WWI.
But that all changed when Hitler took over. Under his direction Germany began simply to print their own money rather than continue to borrow from the usual suspects and plunging Germany deeper into debt-slavery.
So, Germany was getting money from all over the place before the National Socialists came in… they expected to get it all back plus profits; plus interest, plus plus plus. Hitler was the one who put a stop to the influx of indebtedness! Hitler was the one that kicked them all out!
So rather than “The Illuminati Financed Hitler”…
It’s more like “Hitler REFUSED to be financed by the Illuminati; REFUSED to drive Germany deeper into debt to the usual suspects.”
That’s why England, France, U.S., Canada, Soviet Union, etc, etc (who WERE being financed by the ‘Illuminati’) all came together to destroy Hitler’s Germany. He HAD to be stopped. If the masses of the world realized that they could be prosperous beyond belief if they just stopped borrowing money from the Judaic bankers… there would be no going back.
The ‘Illuminati’ are the Judaists. The ‘Illuminati’ are the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’… and they ultimately control Freemasonry, etc as well.
RE: The 300,000 number you give in relation to the number of ‘Jewish’ deaths during WWII…
Before it’s collapse the Soviet Union released the German wartime concentration camp records which they had captured during the defeat of Germany. The New York Times of March 3, 1991 reported that the records state that the total number of all persons who died in the ENTIRE German prison/labour camp system from 1935 to 1945 was 403,713.
This was the TOTAL number of people; all races, all religions, homosexuals, everybody – who had died of ALL causes (typhus, old age, measles, etc.- as well as executions) over a 10 year period.
Red Cross records show around 280,000 from the document I’ve seen and that number included ALL of the dead (not only the ‘Jews’) in ALL of the camps for the ENTIRE war.
However, this number is indicative of those who died IN the camps only. Any who died outside of the labour-camp system would not have been taken into account by the Red Cross in those records.
The NYT went on to detail that of those 403,713 a total of 73,137 people had died at Auschwitz. Of those 73,137 who died at Auschwitz, 38,031 were Jews.
In any case… the number is nowhere near 6 million and there were no homicidal Jew-murdering gas-chambers in any of the German camps. None.
You asked if I thought that the Illuminati had sacrificed their own… Absolutely. There is no doubt. I wouldn’t bother with the ‘Illuminati’ moniker though. Just call them what they call themselves: ‘Jews’.
Jews did indeed sacrifice their own… I don’t think they needed to from what I can tell. All of them could have left Germany (that was what the Germans wanted) for a modest ransom – which the wealthy Jews refused to pay.
It’s all true… they left their own to die – no doubt about it. More proof that they are of the devil for his deeds they do!
‘Torah-True Jews,’ ‘Naturei Karta’, ‘Jews Against Zionism’, etc, etc…
This is exactly what I was talking about… The most ‘noble’, ‘pious’ and religious Jews are all Talmudists and Kabbalists! They are even more Talmudic than the Zionists are!!
The only difference between these Jews and the Zionists is that they don’t want to go to occupied Palestine. They still deny Jesus Christ… they still consider us to be subhuman ‘Goyim’, devoid of souls and put here on earth to serve them.
I have no use for them… any of them. They are all anti-Christ. They are enemies of the Gospel.
So yes, they are for real… but no – I would not support them. They can all go to Birobidjan as far as I’m concerned.
The ‘noble’ Jews are the Jews that renounce their racist, anti-Christ indoctrination and come to Christ… The real noble Jews are Christians; former Jews… and in Christ there is neither Judean nor Greek but a NEW MAN… a CHRISTIAN.
Om det som Wallace här hävdar är sant eller ej, speciellt vad gäller antalet döda i de nazistiska koncentrationslägren, är något jag icke kan avgöra. Men att lögnerna rörande Andra Världskriget är omfattande råder det ingen tvekan om. Av den anledningen stoppas historiker och andra intresserade från att gräva i sörjan. Stanken från denna sörja blir bara starkare och mer outhärdlig för varje dag som går. Snart kommer sanningen ut, och då tar det hus i helvete för alla sataniska krafter här i världen. Sanna mina ord...

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