onsdag 4 maj 2011

Jew eller Judean?

Här följer den senaste kommentaren av Broder Nathanael från hans egen hemsida. Han förklarar där vad skillnaden är mellan en "Jew" och en "Judean":

"Dear Matt -

This “politically-correct” idea of the Jews being called “Judeans” is another Jewish lie.

They were called JEWS as far back as the time of the Kings in the Old Testament — and now the ADL and their Jewish collaborators who wish to destroy the New Testament, want JEWS to be called “Judeans.”

Why don’t they call themselves “Judeans?” Because for their tribe, they relish in calling themselves: JEWS.

But for Christians and the Goyim, they DARE NOT say the “Jew” word or the ADL will call them “anti-Semites.” (There is no group that HATES OUR FREEDOMS and FREEDOM OF SPEECH more than the WICKED ADL and their CHRIST-HATING leader, the Jew Abe Foxman.)

I’ve got my Holy Cross and though the JEW (not “Judean”) Foxman and his WICKED TRIBE have taken down this site, 3 times, I am STILL ONLINE and PLAN to be until **I DECIDE** (not them) not to be.

I grew up with this nonsense of Jews being proud of the JEW WORD but forbidding the Goyim from using it — and I EXPOSE it as Jew hypocrisy!

Now, even some Orthodox “modernistic” service books put out by the Greek Arch Diocese in America have cowed to the Jews by translating “JEWS” into “JUDEANS.” Shame on these cowardly translators!

You see, the Pharisees, whom the apostles called “JEWS,” resided in all parts of Palestine, NOT ONLY in “Judea” which actually was no longer an official “region” during Christ’s time as Palestine was NO LONGER divided according to the tribes which had been scattered during the Babylonian exile in 700-500 BC.

NO ONE Exposes the Jews and their Hypocrisy MORE SO than myself. Yet, David Duke in his latest Video that a poster just PRAISED, applauds Gilad Atzmon and some other secular Jews for exposing the Talmud BUT HE DID NOT APPLAUD ME!

Jews could care less about Atzmon. But me, they want to destroy this site and my Videos.

That’s why I have my Legal Firm PREPARED for their designs on my Vids and this site.

ADL Take Notice! You WILL FAIL to stop me — the Holy Cross of Christ IS MY BANNER! +BN"

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