fredag 8 oktober 2010

Anthony Hilder tar Alex Jones i försvar

Efter den senaste tidens avslöjanden om Alex Jones så står han inte längre så högt i kurs hos dem som pysslar med det här. Men Anthony Hilder tar Jones i försvar på sin hemsida.

Anthony Hilder:


Before all you Alex Bashers start throwing stones my way; just ask yourself...How many documentaries have you made, exposing The New World Order Heathens??? How many of you have radio talk shows exposing the NWO? And, how many have you have been arrested at a WTO rally, a 911 Demonstration or a Bilderberg Meeting?...I thought not!!!!

I am ashamed of many of my fellow “Freedom Fighters”, who are quick to throw stones at fellow patriots who are brave enough to speak out and make a difference.

Small-minded people make asinine statements like: “Alex is a Zionist protector”, Well if you are any kind of a conspiracy researcher, you already know that “they” are the enemy. And you should also know that if Alex was to bash “them” heavily on his show - the show would be pulled in short order - and then, of coarse, we would have even LESS information - so use your heads people, and stop throwing stones at folks who are doing their best to save YOUR asses!!!”

As with all messengers, it matters not who or what Alex is or isn’t - it’s the information that is important!

Och kanske är det på det vis Hilder hävdar när det gäller Jones? Själv besöker jag dock sällan Jones hemsidor längre, inte enbart pga att det är uppenbart att han håller sionisterna om ryggen, utan pga att den information jag söker inte finns hos honom.

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