fredag 8 oktober 2010

Broder Nathanael om judar och deras fiender

Broder Nathanael:

I was RAISED AS A JEW. Period.

I attended an UPPER MIDDLE CLASS ***Bnai Brith*** Synagogue. Period.

Gentiles DO NOT Fully Understand How Jews Think. Period.

I was RAISED to be PROUD of being PART of the “Jewish Race.” Period.

All the Jews in my synagogue, ALL 5,000 of them had the same PRIDE of being part of the “JEWISH RACE.” Period.

Whenever a “shiksa” or a “goy” converted to OUR RELIGION, we all knew that they were NOT part of “OUR RACE.” Period.

They were LOOKED DOWN UPON. Period.

We considered them “second class citizens.” Period.

THUS - Jews are ENGAGED through their ATOM BOMB — Their NUCLEAR Warheads — Their Military Dictatorship — In ***RACIAL*** JEW IMPERIALISM. Where all “Non Jews” (not part of the RACE) - are the enemy. PERIOD.

Som vi själva kan läsa så är alla vi icke-judar, enligt Broder Nathanael, fiender till världens alla judar.

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