torsdag 28 oktober 2010

Kristendomen: världens enda hopp!

Broder Nathanael skriver idag på sin hemsida följande

America’s inner nature belongs to Christendom NOT Islam.

In order for America to survive, (and Europe as well of course), its essential character derived from European Christendom which has Orthodox roots MUST BE PRESERVED.

The influx of Muslims into America with their mosques and militant religious mission has a dis-integrating affect on America’s true inner essence.

Islam will NOT save the world. Christendom is the only hope for our world. And a re-emergence of Christian Imperium as begun by St Constantine the Great of Byzantium in the 4th Century is the world’s ONLY hope.

The White European Culture people are the bearers of this hope.

Broder Nathanael förklarar även varför han bekämpar sionismen via sin websida:

I fight Zionism for the HONOUR of Christ, NOT for the vindication of Muslims - although Christ’s Justice demands redress for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people and I have been fighting for this JUSTICE for three years running since the inception of this site.

Broder Nathanael tror han kommer att möta martyrdöden, något som inte skrämmer honom:

In the end, as St Cosmas of Aitolia (a “street evangelist” of the 18th Century throughout Greece and the Balkans) was martyred by both the Jews and Muslims, I accept this as my own fate.

Många ser idag Broder Nathanael som en profet av bibliska proportioner, och säga vad man vill om honom, men modigare man får man leta efter.

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