fredag 29 oktober 2010

Christian Swede lämnar en kommentar

En viss Christian Swede lämnade idag en kommentar på Broder Nathanaels hemsida, Real Zionist News. Det var dock inte jag, för jag har aldrig lämnat en kommentar där. Här kan vi nu läsa vad den s.k. kristne svensken har att säga:

I didn’t know that ex-Jews like you exist, Brother Nathanael.

You expose the Jewish anti-Christian agenda in Hollywood, all the media, Bolshevism/Communism, their massive support for Mass Immigration and so forth.

I always believed that the Jews were the Christians’ best friends, that Muslims were the only anti-Christian people. I read all that in the Christian Zionist papers. Now I know more.

I started first to realize the Jewish power in Hollywood when I made a little inquiry on the Hollywood celebrities descent/ethnicity.

I was always shocked when I saw how anti-Christian the Hollywood movies are, because this was not the picture that I had gotten from the average American. I always regarded the average American as a devout Christian.

Now when I’ve read all the information on yours and other sites, I finally know what kind people it is who are behind this. I also know now that Bolshevism were led by Jews and so forth.

The Christian Zionists lured me in to believing Israel and Jews are the true friend of Christians and so so forth. After reading more texts from your site I realize mostly everything about this Anti-Christian agenda.

Thank you for all the information Brother Nathanael. May God bless you.

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