måndag 29 augusti 2011

Broder Nathanael: om den ryska kyrkan

The Russian Church SINCE the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 has been and STILL is a free Church no longer under the tyranny of the government.
Putin wanted another bishop to be Patriarch but Bp Kirill got the position instead which proves that Putin and the Russian government do NOT run the Church.
BUT, there IS the Byzantine tradition of “symphony between Church and State” in Russia where both work together for the good of the nation.
Thus Putin And the Church together decided to close down all the casinos, take the mass media out of the Jew’s hands and nationalize it, BAN gay parades, put in Orthodoxy 101 in the public schools (a curriculum written by President Medvedev’s wife – BOTH baptized Christians), build 200 more Churches, AND, institute a campaign to get WHITE RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS to HAVE BABIES. Lot’s of Them!
If you read Michael O’Meara’s 3 part article posted on Greg Johnson’s (former editor of Occidental Observer) “Cross-Currents” which published “Race and the American Prospect” and many other White Identity titles, his “The Russian, Berlin, France, Axis” he talks about Russia being one of the FEW nations left with a genuine ACTIVE concern for its ethnoracial WHITE complexion to be MAINTAINED.
And this is a concern of BOTH the Russian Church and the Russian government under the wise leadership of Putin, a devout Orthodox Christian and probably the savviest, most JEW-WISE political leader of today.
+Brother Nathanael Kapner

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