onsdag 3 augusti 2011

Broder Nathanaels syn på Atzmon

Here Is An Email I Just Sent To David Duke -
Hi David - I could not AGREE WITH YOU MORE - we do NOT need JEWS like Gilad Atzmon LEADING the Movement to bring sanity and remove Jews from civil and propaganda power.
These Jews (like Atzmon) are STILL loyal to their tribe. Unless Jews become baptized Christians they are NOT to be trusted (and even then, must be proved to be trusted.)
European Gentiles MUST RISE UP to protect their Christian heritage and their future and MUST be on the front lines.
Atzmon was given a chance to do a dialogue with me and backed out of it. He is STILL loyal to his tribe but has simply (like other Jews) a ‘difference of opinion.’
And as long as any individual Jew STILL IDENTIFIES as a Jew, Christ’s Holy Blood is upon that Jew’s head and is GUILTY of his forefathers’ murder of the Son of God. +bn

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